Adventist Colleges

                   Adventist   Colleges  and  Universities  in  USA        


Adventist University of Health Sciences,  Orlando, Florida

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan     President:  Andrea Luxton  (Started: Oct. 2016 )

Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, MA

Columbia Union College  (now called Washington Adventist University)

Kettering College,  Dayton, Ohio 

LaSierra University, Los Angeles, California

Loma Linda University,  Loma Linda, CA

Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama      President:   Leslie Pollard

Pacific Union College, Anguine, California       President:  Robert Cushman, Jr.  ( Started:  May 2017 )

Southern Union College,  Chattanooga, Tenn.     President:   Gordon Bietz   ( Retired:  June 2015 )

Southwestern Adventist University, Texas     President:  David Smith   ( Started:  Feb. 2016 )

Union College,  Lincoln, Nebraska

Walla Walla College, Washington State     President:   John McVay  

Washington Adventist University, Washington DC       Website:
                         President:   Weymouth Spence     LINKEDin Profile

                  Adventist  Colleges  in  other  countries

Avondale College,  Sydney, Australia

Malawi Adventists University,   Malawi, Africa

Newbold College,  England

Northern Caribbean University,  Jamaica

Spicer College,  India

Universida Adventista Dominicana,  Dominican Republic

Universidad de Montmorelos,  Mexico


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