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                      Adventist  Periodicals                     

      Owned  and  managed  by  the  General  Conference

   Adventist Review

   Ministry Magazine (GC Ministerial Association)

   Signs of the Times

   Insight Magazine

   LifeStyle Magazine   

   Message Magazine
                                      Carmela Monk Crawford,
Editor  ( since June 2012 )

          Union  Conference  publications:
    Atlantic Union  "Gleaner"       
    Mid-America Union  "Outlook"    
    Pacific Union    "Recorder"  
    North Pacific Union   
  Canadian Union   - - -   
  Columbia Union  - - - "Visitor"
  Lake Union Conference  -  -  -

  Southern Union  - - - "Southern Tidings          

          North American Division

     Journey      See January 2018 issue

       Independent Magazines

   Adventists Affirm, Berrien Springs, MI  

   Adventists Today, Riverside, CA    ( Liberal viewpoint )

   Advindicate, Inc.   Beaumont, California   (951) 572-2308  

   Our Firm Foundation  (Hope International) 

   The EvidenceThousand Oaks, CA   
affiliated with Faith For Today )

   Spectrum Magazine       ( Liberal viewpoint )

       Official  Reports  -  published by the world church

   GTI = Global Tithe Index  ( annual since 2005)


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