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                                                    What makes Seventh-day Adventists different from other denominations?

                                                           Answer:  Their  Interpretation  of  the  following  topics  in  the  Bible

                       --    the Investigative Judgment

                       --    the Sabbath

                       --    the State of the Dead          see animation of what the Bible says )

                      --   the Second Coming of Christ     Ultimate Deliverance  or  by  a  Secret Rapture                                        

                      --   the Sanctuary in Heaven

                       --   the 'Seventy Weeks' prophecy of Daniel 9   

                                         Summary of the Pillars of our faith


                                    'A Lamp in the Dark'  - -  History of the Bible  - Video  ( 178 minutes )

                                    Bible Stories that teach an important lesson       ( page 2000 )

                                   The Laws of the Bible  ( Civil and Criminal Laws )

                                                      B i b l e     s t u d i e s                                  

   I want you to read the Bible because you love it, not because you are driven to it, for then it will be an unpleasant task. But if you neglect the reading of the Bible, you will lose your love for it. Those who love the word of God are those who read it most. By reading and searching out scripture references, you will see the chain of truth, and will see new beauties in the word of God. While you make the Scriptures more your study, and become more familiar with them, you will be better fortified against the temptations of Satan. When inclined to speak, or act, wrong, some scripture will come to arrest you, and turn you right. It is not natural for the heart to love the Bible; but when it is renewed by grace, then the mind will feast upon the rich truths and promises contained in the word of God. {Appeal to the Youth, page 79.2}   AY 79.2


"The spirit in which you come to the investigation of the Scriptures will determine the character of the assistant at your side. Angels from the world of light will be with those who in humility of heart seek for divine guidance. But if the Bible is opened with irreverence, with a feeling of self-sufficiency, if the heart is filled with prejudice, Satan is beside you, and he will set the plain statements of God's word in a perverted light." - GW 127.


                     Who  is  Jesus  Christ ?

                    **  Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

                    **  We get three gifts when we accept Jesus

                    **  Jesus Fulfills Old Testament Prophecies      ( similar page )          

                     Christ taught the 28 Fundamental Beliefs

                     Words of Christ - Scriptures quoting what Jesus said       


            New  **  Financial Tips from Solomon


                    **  Writings of Paul -- that are hard to understand                                  


                                 Video:    Nature of Christ  --  Pastor Paul Penno, studies SS Lesson 10

                                 Video:    Portraits of Jesus  -  Pastor Adrian Webster - Abundant Grace Ministries

                                 Video:   How to Study the Bible  -  Phillip Sizemore  ( 51 minutes )  Source of above text


                Prayers  in  the  Bible               

                The Miracles of Christ

                Parables of Jesus in the New Testament      (updated April 2019)

                 - -  Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus  -  Luke 16: 19-31                

                The State of the Dead

                For Ever and Ever texts

                The Moral and Ceremonial Laws   

                 The real Christmas  -  What date was Jesus really born   

                  Baptism Texts    New


                           For  Bible  Workers     -  -   Giving Bible Studies

                             Psychology of giving Bible Studies    ( Part 1 )

                             Handbook for Bible Study, by Lee Gugliotto   (R&H, 326 pages)

                          Books of the Bible - Outlined

                            Book of Genesis   -   Book of Exodus    -  Book of Leviticus  -

                          Books of the Bible in Chronological order

                             Outlines of the other books - waiting for feedback about Genesis and Exodus


     King  James  Version  is  410  years  old         


       Articles:   Washington Post

       Video about KJV  ( 57 minutes )


                      other Bible Versions

                       new version updates KJV - - Modern English Version

                       English Standard Version

                       New International Version          Concordance

                       Lighthouse Version  ( 2006 )      e-Sword Bible

                       S a b b a t h     S c h o o l   

              Sabbath School Quarterly    -  

             SS Lesson On-line - 4th Quarter 2022 - Lesson 14  ( Dec. 26 to 31 )

              Archive of past quarterlies going back to 1991   --

                 Study Groups for the Sabbath School Quarterly

                 Error corrected in SS Lesson 2 - Fourth Quarter of 2013 

                - Third Quarter of 2012   Video for SS Lesson #8  -  May 26, 2012

                Classic SS Quarterly  -  1977 Second Quarter  -  Jesus the Model Man  -  Author: Herb Douglas


                          On-line Bible Studies

                  Voice of Prophecy ( Collection of studies ) -

                   Description of Bible Study resources

                   Amazing Facts                      Amazing Facts - Bible Study Guides

                   On-line Library of Sermons 

                   'It is Written' Bible Studies  

                Gospel Learning Center              


                  Righteousness by Faith  from Dennie Priebe  Errors found in SS Lesson

                  Voice of Prophecy      -  -  Bible Studies for Daniel ( 7 lessons ) and for Revelation  ( 13 lessons )


                  These Last Days                 

                  Bible Readings for the Home  (1914 edition) on-line

                  For Children and Teens       -   My Bible First  -

                           Bible  Study  Tools

                 Study Bibles:   Andrews Study Bible  [ Published in 2010 ]   more about this Study Bible   - - Digital version



                 Charts:                     Chart showing Last Day Events

                 SDA Bible Commentary    Left side under Books
                            (Note:  This is only EGW Comments on certain Bible texts )

Endeavoring to lay aside all preconceived opinions, and dispensing with commentaries, he [William Miller] compared scripture with scripture by the aid of the marginal references and the concordance. He pursued his study in a regular and methodical manner; beginning with Genesis, and reading verse by verse, he proceeded no faster than the meaning of the several passages so unfolded as to leave him free from all embarrassment. When he found anything obscure, it was his custom to compare it with every other text which seemed to have any reference to the matter under consideration. Every word was permitted to have its proper bearing upon the subject of the text, and if his view of it harmonized with every collateral passage, it ceased to be a difficulty. Thus whenever he met with a passage hard to be understood he found an explanation in some other portion of the Scriptures. As he studied with earnest prayer for divine enlightenment, that which had before appeared dark to his understanding was made clear. He experienced the truth of the psalmist's words: "The entrance of Thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple."  Psalm 119: 130.   Great Controversy, page 320.1

           Webmaster's Note:  This chapter has many tips on how to study the Bible


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