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               E T E R N A L   - -   E T E R N I T Y          ( 10  RELATED  PHRASES )    

        The word  'Eternal'  appears   10,444  times in the writings of Ellen G. White         See page on original site  

           +   Eternal city  (  )

         ++   Eternal consequences  ( 17 )      [ see favorites ]

           +   eternal destiny  (  )

           +   eternal glory  (  )    >  eternal weight of glory  (  )

           +   eternal good  (  )

       ++   Eternal interests  ( 472 )   >   Eternal interests are at stake  ( 27 )

         ++   Eternal Life  ( 3,667 )   >   Inherit Eternal Life  ( 215 )   >   life eternal  (  )

       +++   Eternal Loss  ( 99 )

           +   Eternal riches  (  )

           +++    Eternal ruin  ( 175 )   +   brink of eternal ruin

           +++    eternal things  ( 415 )     +   contemplation of eternal things

           +  eternal torment  (  )        +    eternal truth  (  )

           +  eternal world  (  )     ( see Favorites )

                   E T E R N I T Y         (  5  RELATED  PHRASES)               

              The word  'Eternity'  appears  3,004  times in the writings of  EGW


    Eternity   ( opens a separate page )

                 ++    compass eternity  ( 24 )   

                 ++   Cycles of eternity  (  )

                +++   Through all eternity  ( 110 )     +   throughout eternity  (  )

                +++   Everlasting to everlasting  (43)


     My  personal  favorites

   Every moment is freighted with eternal consequences.  We are to stand as minute men, ready for service at a moment's notice. The opportunity that is now ours to speak to some needy soul the word of life may never offer again. God may say to that one, "This night thy soul shall be required of thee," and through our neglect he may not be ready. (Luke 12:20.) In the great judgment day, how shall we render our account to God?  {COL 343.2}  Read entire Chapter 25


  I was shown our danger, as a people, of becoming assimilated to the world rather than to the image of Christ. We are now upon the very borders of the eternal world, but it is the purpose of the adversary of souls to lead us to put far off the close of time. Satan will in every conceivable manner assail those who profess to be the commandment-keeping people of God and to be waiting for the second appearing of our Saviour in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. He will lead as many as possible to put off the evil day and become in spirit like the world, imitating its customs. I felt alarmed as I saw that the spirit of the world was controlling the hearts and minds of many who make a high profession of the truth. Selfishness and self-indulgence are cherished by them, but true godliness and sterling integrity are not cultivated.  { CCh 83.1} 


   We never needed close connection with God more than we need it today. One of the greatest dangers that besets God's people has ever been from conformity to worldly maxims and customs. The youth especially are in constant peril. Fathers and mothers should be on their guard against the wiles of Satan. While he is seeking to accomplish the ruin of their children, let not parents flatter themselves that there is no particular danger. Let them not give thought and care to the things of this world, while the higher, eternal interests of their children are neglected.  {CG 471.2}






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