List of Adventists in Ohio

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                                               Adventists in Allegheny West Conference ( see below )

                   Ohio   Conference   of   Seventh-day  Adventists

                                      1251 E. Dorothy Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45419   (move approved May 2018)   

       Old Office at 790 Fairgrounds Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050  ( for sale )          Phone #  (740) 397-4665

                        --  Ohio Conference on LINKEDin


--   Robert Cundiff  ( started May 2020 )  See article about his selection   He was president NNEC since April 2013

Former President:  Ron Halvorsen, Jr, ( started Feb. 2014)

VP. Administration ( Exec. Secretary )                             --  Oswaldo Magana
  (740) 397-4665  (x -125 )

-- Roy Simpson, elected on Dec. 10, 2019 - he was interim Treas. -          
  Former Treasurers:  Lyle Litzenberger,  Doug Falle  

  -  Assistant Treasurers

-- Zachary Sharpe ( since Nov. 2018 )

-- Roy Simpson 

Research and Special Projects --  Monte Sahlin
Communications - Director     --  Heidi Shoemaker
 -- Media Specialist (Assist to Pres)           --  Kasper Haughton, Jr.  ( started: Jan. 2016 )                        
Education Department  (x-130)
       Website for Education ( 20 schools )                

--  Alison Jobson  (x- 131)
--  Richard Bianco

Evangelism --  Oswaldo Magana 
Information Technology Department - - - -

Clergy Care / Leadership Development --  Oswaldo Magana
Women's Ministries Director     --  Heidi Shoemaker
Men's Ministries Director --  Ken Franklin
Family Ministries Director    --  Buffy Halvorsen  500+
Hispanic Ministries   --  Peter Simpson
Planned Giving Director (x-111) -- Harry Straub
Youth Dep't Director  (x-122) Youth Website --  Steve Carlson
 - -  Adventurers --  Edward Marton
 - -  Pathfinders --  Edward Marton
 - -  Collegiate Ministry --  Edward Marton
 - -  Youth & Young Adult --  Edward Marton
ACS Disaster Response Coordinator --  Roy Nelson 
     (740) 381-7703
Adventist Community Services --  Schmaine Meadows, Treasurer  ( Columbus )
Adventist Community Services -- Trish Tickle,  Public Information Officer
Camp Mohaven --  Dave Robinson  
Revivalist for Ohio Conference - -  Lonnie Melashenko
                               Last Updated:  May 17, 2020


                                  OHIO   conference   Executive   Committee                                                  

Mike Fortune - - Oswaldo Magana (Secretary) - - Roy Simpson ( Treasurer) -- Roy Simpson ( Assist Treas. ) - - Linda Brown -- Michael Sanborn -- Julio Santana --  Julius Castillo -- Winston Baldwin --  Riahard Bianco --  Tim Dutton -- Tanya Martinez -- Gary Reimer - - Donald Myers - - Melissa Sahlin - - William Rodriguez - - Christiane Marshall - - Mark Sitch - - Jerry Chase - - Monte Torkelsen - - Chester Hitchcock - - Migdalia Mason - - Sandra Rois Melendez - - Marcellus de Oliveira - - Doug Falle - - Lori Farr - - Tom Hughes - - Dan Kittle - - Billye Newton - - Mike Barnett - - Kennedy Dulo - - Denny Leckron - - Robert McGhee - - Alison Jobson - - Timothy Ko - - Larry Kositsin - - David Small - - Julie Staats - - Dan Stevens

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                                               Pastors  in  Ohio  Conference

                  Ministerial Field Secretary,   _______                 Leadership Training:  Oswaldo Magana                Youth Director, Steve Carlson

                  Pastor Roy Nelson                                             Pastor Derick Asare Adu, Columbus                   Ron Anderson, Pastor in Columbus   

                  Gianluca Bruno, Village Adv. Church                 Andy Clark,  Youngstown, Ohio                            Bill Levin,  Akron First SDA Church

                  Pastor Mike Fotune, Toledo First Adv. Church      Pastor William Rodriguez                                    Pastor Patrick Mazani,  Toledo

                  Pastor Bill Hrovat                                               Pastor Tom Hughes                                             Pastor Roy Lawinsky - Cincinati

                  Marius Marton, Pastor                                        Bob McGhee, Pastor of Worthington Church

                  Pastor Peter Simpson -                                     Pastor Loren Seibold, Columbus                     Pastor Karl Haffner,  (500+)                                  Monte Torkelsen,  Pastor  Kettering Church ( since July 2018 )

                 Michael Stough,  Pastor (since April 2017)  Dayton, Ohio

                 Kojo Twumasi,  Pastor  (since Feb. 2019)  Arverne, Ohio


         Chaplains              Carmen Siebold - Mt. Carmel Health System, Columbus             M. Jason Bush,  Chaplain, Grandview Med Ctr, Dayton

                                              Alcohn Thomas, Chaplain, Kettering Health Network, Dayton

                                             Leonard Hawley,  Chaplain, Franklin Med. Center

                                                                                                                                                                                    Section last updated:  May. 14, 2020

                                            E d u c a t i o n                                                          

                          LINKEDin  group  for  Adventists in Education  ( over 1,000 members )

                            -  List of 20 Schools                 Donovan Ross, Associate Director, Dayton                    Tracy Arnett,  Principal/Teacher, Westerville

             Columbus Adventist Academy     -  -  -       Tom Gammon, Teacher, Columbus

         Spring Valley Academy, Centerville, Ohio  -  -  -    Website  - -  Faculty and Staff

                    Principal (since 2013):   Darren Wilkins

         Diann Ring, Spring Valley Academy                     Daanan Foster, Teacher, Spring Valley Academy

         Kimberly Bulgin, Chair, Music Dept, Spring Valley


            Mount Vernon Academy,  Mt. Vernon    -  -  -     Daniel Kittle,  Principal                                    Rafael Barboza,  Business Manager

            Mayfair Christian School, Canton  - - -  Miriam Troup, Principal

           Kettering College of Medical Arts     Dayton, Ohio                      Steve Carlson, Campus Chaplain

    Principals:       Shaun Lazarus, Toledo,  Academy Principal

    Other Teachers:   Paul Lambert, Columbus

                                                                                        Education section: Last updated:  July 10, 2022


                                                         H e a l t h    C a r e

Kettering Medical Center, Dayton   Best Workplace  Article: Nov. 2019 - Planed Renovation
Walter Sackett, President of Kettering Medical Center  
Jarrod McNaughton, President (since Nov. 2015)  ( 500+ contacts )  
Terry Burns,  Exec. VP  ( Chief Financial Officer ) Ron Mainess, Dir. Project Management Office
Tim Dutton, VP of HR, Kettering Health Network David Seidel,  VP, Kettering Health Network ( Retired )
Peter Bath,  VP, Mission and Ministry, Kettering Health Network  Joseph Nicosia,  VP, Chief Learning Officer
Michael Brendel, VP, Kettering Medical Center  
Deanette Sisson,  VP, Chief of Nursing, Kettering Health Network Joanne Cross, RN, Nurse, Kettering Med Center, Dayton
Jared Keresoma, Director, Kettering Health Network  
Mel Crawford, Network Director, Kettering Health Net Kevin Attride, Dir. Business Devel (start: 3/2020)
Merle Peterson, Director, Medical Imaging, Dayton Gloria Koomson, MD - Physican @ Aultman Hospital
Kashiri Favors, Administrative Fellow, Diversity Cavelle Clark - Phlebotomy Technician, Columbus

Jimmy Philips, Network Marketing Director (Started April 2019)

Promoted to VP Marketing / Comm (June 2021)

  Section Updated:  June 2, 2021
            Sycamore Hospital,  Dayton  
Anita Adams-Jenkins,  President, Sycamore Hospital Walter Sackett,  Director, Sycamore Medical Center 
        Grandview Medical Center,  Dayton President:  Richard Manchur,   Article:  Nov. 15, 2019    
       Southview Medical Center,  Dayton  (116 beds) Daniel Tyron, President  Article: Jan. 8, 2020
Article:  Kettering ranked 10th best hospital in Ohio  
  Section Updated:  April 15, 2020


                                    more  people  at  Kettering

       HR  -  Douglas Houghton,  Director of Talent  ( Since July 2016 )
       HR  -  Victor Brown, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kettering Health Network
       HR  -  Keith Jenkins, Director HR, Kettering Health Network - 500+

       HR  -  Derek Morgan, Administrative Director for HR  (Staff of 14) -- Promoted to VP of HR in Jan. 2019

       HR - - - Diane Binder, HRIS Manager, Kettering Med Center (Kettering since 1987)
       HR - - - Philip Shaw,  HR Consultant (Since Jan. 2017) - - 500+ contacts          
       HR - - - Lenesia Boodie,  HR Analyst, Kettering Health Network
       HR - - - Diane Binder,  Benefits Coord, Kettering Health Network
       HR - - - Dave Lawrence, Talent Systems Specialist, Kettering Health Network
       HR - - - Kaili Kimbrow, Talent Specialist  ( since March 2021 )

       HR - - - Jessica Bennett,  Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kettering Health Network  (started in Sept. 2019)

                                                   ( She was Recruiter at Kettering since Nov. 2016)

                                                                                                         This section updated:  Sept. 9, 2021


                                                             S t a f f

Francisco Da Silva,  Administrative Fellow
Harvey Hann, Cardiologist, Kettering Med Center
Heidi Shull, Marketing Dept, Kettering Med Center, Dayton
Jared Still, Dir, Operations, Kettering Medical Center, Dayton
Conni DeFranco, Marketing Dept, Kettering Health Network, Dayton
Adam Mittleider, Accountant, Kettering Health Network, Dayton
Cheryl Kennison,  Network Director, Marketing & Communications
Jana Mixon,  Network Director, Patient Access
Charlie Rabaina,  IT Project Manager for Improvement Systems
Elliot Smith,  Chaplain, Kettering Med Center (started Mar. 2017)
Alison Tucker, RN,  Charge Nurse at Kettering Health Network
Chris VanDenburgh, RN, Health Coordinator, Kettering Med Center, Dayton
William White, Biomed Electronics Technician, Dayton
Cherie Haffner, Education Consultant,  Kettering Health Network
Isheanesu Mazani, Administrative Fellow, Kettering Health Network
Evelyn Ruiz,  Executive Assistant  (started: Dec. 2018)

                                                                  Section updated:  Dec. 15, 2019

            Names below are Not connected with Kettering  

             Lillian Drew,  Mental Health Nurse, Cleveland

                                                                                           45 people in the Health Care section - Sept. 26, 2020

                                                          Business  Owners

      Keith Nevins So'Brian, Owner, HourGlass Group (Consulting) - Columbus                                             

    Section Updated:  July 13, 2017

                                                   Other  SDA members  in  Ohio

Patricia Castro, ABC Bookstore in Mt. Vernon  
Robert Elsner, Programmer, Springfield  
- - Cincinnati  - -
Shem Nyachieo, Desk Staff, Cincinnati Betty Stanger, Nurse, Cincinnati

       - - -    Columbus,   Ohio   - - -

Julius Castillo (Exec Committee) Yuliyan Filipov  ( Exec Committee )
Sampson Twumasi ( Exec Committee ) Ednice Wagnac ( Exec Committee )
Earl Caulley Jeremy Wong
Kwabena Maccarthy Laura Sherwin
Raj Attiken (former Conf. President until Jan. 2014) Paul Lambert, Columbus
 (Wife of Raj) Chandra Attiken, Columbus Doug Harsany, Housing Consultant, Columbus
Carl Campbell,  Bank Ops, Columbus Jason Ortega, in Law School, Columbus, 500+
Elethia Dean, Columbus   500+ Contacts Dale Patterson, IT Administration, Columbus
Kwame Robert, Personal Trainer, Columbus Trish Tickle, Adv. Community Services, Columbus
Carol (Schmidt) Gary,  Columbus Christine Wise, Nurse, Columbus
Milt Pruitt, Columbus Kimberly Washington, Music, Columbus, 500+
Angelique Benton, Communications Dir,
                                   Fruit of the Spirit church
Jeffrey Jorgensen, Lancaster
Kerlene Telesford,  Translator ( Spanish < > Eng ) Brianna Penn, Sr. Advisor, Ohio Health
Nia Patterson, Sr. HR at Express Lydia Levy, Middle School Teacher
Leonard Hawley,  Chaplain, Franklin Med. Center Andre Scalzo,  Exec VP @ Gould Group
         Columbus List -  Last Updated:  Nov. 22, 2021
--  Youngstown  --  --  Greenfield  --
Todd Revis,Youngstown, Revealing Truth Ministry Mark Stewart, Plant Mgr, Greenfield
Barbara Bailey, Youngstown,  Dietitian  
Darlene Schoonard, Nurse, Marion  
Melody Prettyman, Health Educator, Mansfield, 500+ Abelardo Rivas,  Archeologist
  Michael Wimberly, Deputy Director of I.T.
--  Cleveland / Akron  --  
Michael Sanborn ( Exec Committee ) Julio Santana  (Exec. Committee )
Sandra Rios Melendez Norma Medina-Mercado
Isaac Lopez Joseph Giargiana, Test Technician, Cleveland
Elena Alexandrovana Taylor,  Music & Choir Director   
Gus Foster, Bible teacher ( 29 years ), Akron Michael Smith II, Chaplain,  Akron
Gregory Powers, Programmer, Akron Pamala Murphy, Akron
Bill Levin, Pastor of First Akron Church  
Lillian Drew, Mental Health Nurse, Cleveland This section Updated:  June 12, 2019


                                                       Dayton,  Ohio 


                                                             Map of Dayton/Kettering area

  Winston Baldwin ( Executive Committee )    Vicki Horvath,  Manager at CareSiurce
  Julienne Caldwell, Help Desk, Children's Med Ctr       Timothy Ko
  Jay Cole, Church Admin @ Kettering Church  
  Richard Bianco ( Exec Committee )   Zuri Jerdon,  Sells Health Insurance
  Rick Dodds,  President, Soin Medical Center   David Merrell,  Law Student, 

  Richard Manchur, Southview Med Ctr, Kettering  

  Article:  Nov. 15, 2019

  Belony Etienne   Tanya Martinez
  Gerald Greene, Investment Trading   Jeffrey J. Moore, CEO, Moore Family Business
  Kenyon Greve,  Occupational Therapy   Julio Morales
  C. J Guarasci,  Children's Hospital,   Josh Nowack, Project Controller, SIAC
  Delthony Gordon ( Exec Committee )   Jerry Renfrow, Director, Grandview Med Ctr
  Ifeoluwani Olaore,  Partner, The Oniru Group   Clair Page - Biz Development, Kelly Services
  Israel Olaore,  Digital Marketing Coord at LMG  Kenneth Scribner, Director, Randall Residence
   Lyndi Schwartz
 Roy Simpson, Treasurer, Ohio Conference  Darrin Thurber
 Donerik Black, VP Development  

  Michael Stough II  

(moved to Dayton from Andrews Univ in Dec. 2013) 

Justin Van Allen, Admin @ Kettering Physician Network

                                                                                                                     Section Last updated:   Aug. 23, 2022

                   More information from another Source of name:   Page on Conference Website

                              Rose Cross, Toledo First Church                            Gary Reimer,  Norwood Church

                              Phillip Poland, Village (Mason)                              Christiane Marshall, Marietta

                              Mark Sitch, Evergreen                                            Victor Marshall, Marietta

                              Jose Goris, Cleveland Spanish                              Magdalia Mason, Cleveland Spanish - - 

                             David Keyes, Akron                                                 Sandra Rios Melendez, Ebenezer Spanish

                             Leroy Kirschbaum, Akron                                      Leon Brown, Newark

                             Joanne Erskine, Mount Vernon Hill                        Billye Newton, Zanesville

                             Charla Doucette, Beavercreek                               Timothy Ko, Kettering

                              Fred Manchur, Kettering                                        David Small, Kettering

        LINKEDin group:    Adventists in Ohio              Contact information on Ohio Conference website            Section Last Updated:  Nov. 24, 2017

                                       allegheny   west   conference

                    1339 East Broad Street,  Columbus, Ohio 43205      See Map          Phone #  (614) 252 - 2571  

                                                         Churches:  58;  --  Membership, 14,088


                   President                                                      --  William T. Cox, Sr.    ( Elected President in Jan. 2012 ) -

                   Executive Secretary  -  -  -  -  -                     --  Marvin Brown

                   Treasurer                                                      --  Jermain Jackson 

                       -  Assistant Treasurer                               --  Daniel Castellanos

                   Communications Director                             --  Bryant Taylor   ( now Comm Dir @ Southern Union - moved to Georgia)

                        -  Multi Media Ministry Coord                  --  Benia Jennings   ( prompted to Director in April 2022 )

                        -  Visual Ministries Specialist                  --  Gerson Pancorbo

                   Ministerial Director                                        -- William Joseph Jr.

                   MultiCultural Director   (since Sept. 2013)    --  Sergio Romero

                   Superintendent of Education                         --  Eyette Cooper

                   Youth Ministries Director                                --  Joel Johnson

                   Woman's Ministries Dir.                                 --  Shirley Benton

                                                            Conference Staff     

                                    Kevin Mosby                                          --  Assistant Treasurer

                                    Haycin Nurse                                         --  HR  Coordinator

                                    Diane King                                             --   Secretary

                                    Kevin Cameron                                      --   Principal,  Cleveland

                                    Anthony Southard                                 -  Camp Ranger,  Columbus

                                    Dalia Castellanos                                  -  Exec. Assistant to President   

                                    Patricia Mosby                                       -  Administrative Assistant 

                                                  Executive Committee Members

     Northern  Ohio    Central  Ohio    Southern  Ohio      Pennsylvania
     Violet Cox    Michael Wimberly         Dr. Darryl Allen               Philip Lewis Jr.
     Stephen Phillips              Rita Price    Isaac Palmer      Natasha Harding
     Dewain Hall    Elwin St. Rose,  Pastor      Harcourt King,  Pastor         Pastor -TBD
     Mark Callion  
     Yvette Cooper,
     Education Dept. Dir.  
        Virginia/West Virginia    
     Pastor-TBD         Danny Milton
          Fred Hatch


                                                        Churches  in  Ohio   ( A W C )

 Alpha & Omega SDA Church, Warren Ohio  Beacon of Hope Company,  Columbus
 Berean SDA Church, Ashtabula  Bethel SDA Church, Akron
 Bethel SDA Church, Cleveland  Central Hispanic Church, Columbus
 Central SDA Church, Columbus  Cincinati Central Spanish Church
 Columbus African Church, Worthington  Columbus Brazilian Company
 Columbus Korean SDA Church, Worthington       Dale Wright Memorial SDA Church, Germantown    
 Dayton New Life SDA Church, Dayton  The Good Shepherd Church, Cincinati
 Emmanuel Company, Findlay  Emmanuel SDA Church, Cincinati
 Mount Olive Church, Cincinati - Pastor  Fruit of the Spirit, Columbus
    - Harold Palmer, Jr., Pastor
   Angelique Benton, Communications Dir,
                                   Fruit of the Spirit church
   Former Conference Treasurer:  Zenobia Seward
   See  complete  List of Churches in AW Conference
More information about these churches


                                                                 List  of  Pastors

Glenn Allen, Mount Olive Church, Cincinnati Allen Baldwin,  Powell, Ohio
Pastor Fields,  Youngstown, Ohio Shaun Arthur, Columbus
Harcourt King, Dayton Myron Edmonds, Cleveland
Gregory Jackson, Brunswick, Ohio Rodney Valentine, Pastor . . . . . . . . .
Cory Rowe,  Springboro, Ohio Harold Palmer, Fruit of the Spirit Church
Carl Rogers, Columbus Rafael Soto,  Milford, Ohio
Leonard Hawley, (Pastor, 23 yrs)
now Chaplain, Franklin Medical Ctr, Columbus
Noah Washington,  Ephesus Church, Columbus
       See complete  List of Pastors  
                             Last updated:  Dec. 27, 2019

                                                             Associate  Pastors

John Coaxum, Glenville SDA Church, Cleveland
Christopher C. Thompson,  Ephesus Church, Columbus Ohio
Sergio Romero,  MultiCultural Director, AWC


                                                Education  Department  (Schools)
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Columbus Adventist Academy  ( Grades K - 8 )
Wayna Gray  - -  Vice Principal  (Columbus, Ohio)
Lisa Levalas  - - Teacher, Columbus Adv. Academy
Bill O'Rourke  - - Teacher, Cherry Ave School, Dayton
  - - 
Fredrick Russell, Columbus  (former President of AWC)
Harold Cleveland,  Attorney in Cincinati
Angelique Benton, Customer Service. Member of Fruit of the Spirit Church in Columbus

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