Adventist Ministries

                   Independent  Adventist  Ministries                


   3ABN  (Three Angels Broadcasting Network), Illinois
                    3ABN Media Page 

   1888 Message Study Committee, Berrien Springs, Michigan  (866) 954-4323

   Adventist Heritage Ministry, Battle Creek, Michigan

   Amazing Facts, California             
       (Doug Batchler, President)    Fall 2017 Report

   America in Prophecy                 

   Anchorstone International      Discoveries of Ron Wyatt
Floyd, Virginia    (540) 250-6870

   Three Angels Tube (media), Florida  

   Back to Enoch Ministries, Newport, WA  New York City

   Everlasting Gospel

   GLOW - Giving Light to Our World,  (877) 732-GLOW

   Holy Spirit Ministries, Woodbridge, CT  
     Pastor Dennis Smith

   Hope International,  Knoxville, Illinois  

   Hope Video Ministry, Breeding, KY  (270) 974-4555
 (different from the Hope Channel which is owned by SDA Church)

   IAUA End Time Ministries, Frank Clark, Illinois  

   LLT Productions  - - The Seventh Day videos

   Restoration International, Tom & Alane Waters, Montana 

   Revealing Truths Ministry, Tonasket, WA

   Sabbath Truth  - -

   Sealing Time Ministries,  Nampa, Idaho

   Secrets Unsealed, Fresno, California, Pastor Stephen Bohr  

   White Horse Media, Newport, Washington, Pastor Steve Wohlberg


           Health  Related  Ministries

   International Council for Corporate Health, Nashville, TN

   Uchie Pines, Uchie Pines, Georgia

          Training  in  Evangelism

   Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism, Pullman, MI

   Lay Institute for Evangelism, Orlando, Florida


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