By Laws changed at GC Session - 2022

These changes were made to SDA Church Constitution and By Laws in June 2022

     Changes to Article XIII

            ARTICLE  X I I I :        G C    E X E C U T I V E    C O M M I T T E E                       

                        The  proposed  change  as  it  appeared  on page 43 and 44  of  Agenda  for  61st  GC Session  


   RECOMMENDED, To amend the General Conference Constitution and Bylaws, Bylaws,  Article XIII—General Conference Executive Committee, to read as follows


     Section 1. a.   During the intervals between sessions of the General - No change

                      b.   The General Conference Executive Committee shall - No change

                      c.   The General Conference Executive Committee shall have power to elect  or remove, for cause, officers, directors, and associate directors of departments/associations/  services and committee members, and to fill for the current term any vacancies that may occur in  its offices, boards, committees, or agents due to death, resignation, or other reasons.

                      Page 43 of agenda



              The phrase “for cause,” when used in connection with removal from an elected or appointed position, or  from membership on the General Conference Executive Committee, shall include but not be  limited to 1) incompetence; 2) persistent failure to cooperate with duly constituted authority in  substantive matters and with relevant employment and denominational policies; 3) actions which may be the subject of discipline under the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual; or 4) failure to  maintain regular standing as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Church; 5) theft or  embezzlement; or 6) conviction of or guilty plea for a crime.


Page 44 on Agenda                           Note:  Vote to change By-Laws requires 2/3 majority to pass


  This change was discussed on Wednesday, June 8, 2022  Morning session  ( about 2 hours into the archived video )

   Discussion revealed that the General Conference has no means to enforce discipline of members of the GC Executive Committee and this change provided a process to hold members accountable.

  Johannes Bochmann, delegate from North German Union, and son of Andreas Bochmann (also a delegate)  spoke against the motion and then moved to divide Item # 207 into two parts

                Vote taken on Monday, June 8, 2022   --    YES    935           NO     699       

   At 2 hours 20 minutes in the official video    ( see URL  below )

  Ralph Hartman, delegate, commented that the real intent is to remove members and silence voice of representative of several Unions that are involved with ordination of women. He said this discipline should be done at the Union level not the GC level  

   Reinhart Gallos, delegate from North German Union, also commented. He asked "What is incompetence? and what does 'persistent failure mean?

   Martin Altink, delegate North German Union, spoke against the motion

   Hildi Huru, delegate spoke against the motion and against use of "kingly power"

   Paul Bhaggien, South Asia Division spoke against the motion - called it a "rod of censure"

   Mario Veloso, delegate with position in GC spoke in rebuttal to say that this body has the authority to discipline itself.

   Stefan Guiliani, Inter European Div, moved to call the question.  Motion passed

Vote on the motion to amend Article X III ' Executive Committee' Section 1 c.  part 1  ( Agenda item 207 )

           YES     1,319       NO   289     Motion carried     ( about 3 hour mark in the GC video )

     #GCSession 2022-St. Louis | Wednesday Morning - YouTube 


 This change will appear in the next printing of By Laws

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