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The 59th GC Session changed the way Notes will appear in the new Church Manual.  In the 17th Edition (2005) the notes appear at the end of the Chapter that is noted.

The new Church Manual will have all the notes at the end of the book.

The following texts have been added to the Notes for Chapter 8 of the new manual.

Paragraph 7: Safeguarding Children - Church should be a safe place to bring our children. Everyone involved with children who are minors must meet all Church and legal standards and requirements. In order to safeguard our children, churches are encouraged to adopt policies which would provide a measure of safety and protectin for children. Such policies should include the following.
a: Two-Adult Policy - Have two adults present in children's classrooms or activities
b. Open Door - Discourage private or one-on-one contact and encourage an open door policy in all situations. Where on open door is not possile, station a second adult at the door.
c. Volunteer Screening - Have all volunteers complete a volunteer information form, check their references and, if required by law, do a police background check.
d. Six-month Policy -- Require a waiting period of six-months for newly baptized or transferring members who have indicated a willingness to work with children.
e. Training -- Provide regular training for teachers and volunteers to help them undersatnd and protect children and how to nurture their faith.
Local church leaders shoud consult with the conference in order to ascertain procedures and requirements including local legal requirements for individuals working with children.
Additional resources are available from Adventist Risk Management at      Appears on page 168 of 18th Edition


The following text has been added to the Notes for Chapter 9
Appears on page 171 of 18th Edition

Sample List of Church Leaders - (see page xx). The nominating committee selects members to serve as officers in a variety of positions. A small church may have a short list of officers. A large church may have a long list of officers. There is a list that may be considered.
Treasurer and assistants(s)
Interest Coordinator
Church Board
Church school board
Adventist Junior Youth Society leader and assistant(s)
Adventist Youth Society leader and associates
Adventist Youth Society sponsor
Adventist Youth Society secretary - treasurer and assistant
Adventist Youth Society music director
Adventists Youth Society pianist or organist
Adventurer Club Director
Ambassador Club Director
Bible School Coordinator
Children's Ministries coordinator
Church chorister or song leader or music coordinator
Church organist or pianist
Communications secretary or Communication Committee
Community Services Director
Dorcas Society leader
Dorcas Society secretary - treasurer
Education secretary
Family Ministries leaders
Health Ministries leader
Ministriy to People with Disabilities coordinator
Pathfinder CLub director and deputy director
Personal Ministries leader
Personal Ministries Secretary
Prayer Ministries Director
Publishing Ministries coordinator
Religious Liberty Leader
Sabbath School Superintendent(s) and assistant(s)
Sabbath School Secretary and assistant(s)
Sabbath School division leaders, including leader for the adult and extension divisions
Sabbath School investment secretary
Stewardship Ministries Leader
Vacation Bible School Director
Women's Ministries leader
Additional personnel considered necessary
Home and School Association Officers (leader and secretary-treasurer): If only one church supports a school, the church niminating committee makes recommendation to the school board, which then makes the appointments. If more than one church supports a school, the school board conducts the whole process. (see page 88, 89) 
Appears on page 171, 172 of 18th Edition

       The following text has been added to the Notes for Chapter 10

Paragraph 3:  Foot-Washing 
All should throughly wash their hands before returning to participate in the Lord's Supper. Those leading out in the service should do this publicly for hygienic purposes.
Appears on page 175 of 18th Edition


   The following text has been added to the Notes for Chapter 10,  Bread and Wine

Usually most of the bread to be served is broken ahead of time, with a small portion left on each plate for the elders and / or pastor to break. (All handling the bread must wash their hands thoroughly before returning for the communion service). The pastors and elders hand the plates containing the bread to the deacons, who then serve the congregation, though in small congregations the pastor or elders may serve the participants.   Appears on page 175 of 18th Edition


   The following text has been added to the Notes for Chapter 11, Sample Annual Budget


Sample Annual Budget* - (See page 133)

Church Proposed Operating Budget
Estimate Receipts -
Sabbath School Expense Collections   $ 1,500.00
Church Fund for the Needy                       375.00
Combined (Church) Budget Giving         27,055.00
Welfare Fund                                           300.00
Total Receipts                                  $ 29,230.00

Estimated Expenses -
Repairs and Painting Church Building    2,250.00
Fuel                                                   2,350.00
Janitor and Supplies                            1,475.00
Insurance on Building and Furnishings     750.00
Church Fund for the Needy                   1,450.00
Sabbath School Supplies                     1,250.00
Emergency Expense                           2,000.00
Light                                                  3,220.00
Water                                                   360.00
Gas                                                      550.00
Stationery and Supplies                         500.00
Laundry                                                  75.00
Church School Subsidy                       8,000.00
Welfare Expense                                1,000.00
Evangelism and Church Planting          4,000.00
Total Proposed Expenses                  29,230.00
Balance                        00,000.00
* Additional colums (such as Last Year's Budget and Last Year's Autual) should be included for comparison, but have been left out of this sample due to space constraints.
Appears on page 178 of 18th Edition


    Clarifying the difference between the main Church Manual and the Notes section. Appears in Chapter 1.

The Church Manual is divided into two types of material. The content of each chapter is of worldwide value and it applicable to every church organization, congregation and member. Recognizing the need for variations in some section, additional explanatory material, presented as guidance and examples, appears as Notes at the end of the Church Manual. The Notes have subheadings corresponding to chapter subheadings and page numbers of the main text.
Appears on page 18 of 18th Edition


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