Understanding Ellen White - Published: Oct. 2016

               Understanding   Ellen   White               

                     Editor:  Merlin Burt   -   Published: Oct. 2016


                                                                                       Table of Contents

       1.  The Gift of Prophecy in Scripture, by Jon Paulien
       2.  Revelation and Inspiration: Ellen White's Understanding, by Merlin D. Burt
       3.  Ellen White and Scripture, by R. Clifford Jones
       4.  The Authority of Ellen White's Writtings, by Alberto R. Timm
       5.  How to Read Ellen White's Writings, by George R. Knight
       6.  Ellen White as God's Spokesperson, by Herbert Douglass
       7.  Humanity of the Prophets, by Alberto R. Timm
       8.  Ellen White and the Development of Seventh-day Adventist Doctrines, by Denis Fortin          
       9.  How Ellen White Did Her Writing, by Denis Kaiser
    10.  Ellen White Criticisms and D. M. Canright, by Jud Lake
    11.  Ellen White and Sources: The Plagiarism Debate, by Tim Poirier
    12.  Understanding Ellen White and the "Shut Door," by Merlin D. Burt
    13.  Ellen White and Science, by Jerry Moon and Tim Standish
    14.  Ellen White and Vegetarianism, by Theodore Levterov
    15.  The History and Work of Ellen G. White Estate, by James R. Nix
    16.  The Gift of Prophecy and Contemporary Ideas, by Gerhard Pfandl
    17.  Why Should I read Ellen White? by Chantal J. Klingbeil
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