Atlantic Union Conference Executive Committee

              Atlantic Union Conference    
              South Lancaster. Mass 01561         (978) 368-8333           e-mail:
                 Churches:  584     Companies:  69      Members: 118,600              Publication:   Gleaner
                President:    G. Earl Knight             Exec. Secy:   Pierre Omeler              Treasurer:   Elias Zabala, Sr.                  


                                       Executive  Committee    ( 2016 to 2020 )

                                                                                           Elected at Constituency Meeting:   June 19, 2016

G. Earl Knight, Chairperson   (978) 368-8333  (x-3009) 
Pierre Omeler, Executive Secretary   (978) 368-8333  (x-3008)


                             Members  of  Executive  Committee

Tina Advani, SNEC Principal of Cape Cod SDA School. Attends Cape Cod SDA church.
Jose R. Alercon, Exec Secy, SNEC   (978) 365-4551 (x-602)  
John K. Amoah, Ministerial Dir, SNEC   
Henry Beras, President, GNYC;  (516) 627-9350  
Jean Bernadotte,  NEC, Pastor in Clinton, Mass
Will Comley,  NYC       
Miguel Crespo, President, NY Conference, Syracuse, NY  (315) 469-6921 (x-  )
Robert Cundiff,  President, NNEC, Portland, Maine   (207) 797-3760  (x-218)  
Carveth DeLeon,  NEC, Anton, Mass ( lay member )  Mechanical Engineer @ Honeywell
Salvador Demallistre,  NEC  Boston area  ( lay member of Exec Comm since Feb. 2015 )
David Dennis,  SNEC  President,  (978) 365-4551 (X-600)  
Oswald Euell,   Exec Secretary NEC,  (718) 291-8006  ( x-2229 )  
Yeury Ferreira, GNYC  
Trevor Forbes, Atlantic Union Associate Treasurer and Personal Ministries Director
Yves Francis,  Pastor, SNEC  Bethesda Haitian (Hyde Park, MA)  (617) 865-1042  
J. Kendall Guy,  Personal Ministries Director, NEC  (718) 291-8006  (x-2259 )  
Avis Hendrickson, President, AU College  (978) 368-2000  
                                       Lives Bridgeport, Conn
Daniel Honore, NEC President  (718) 291-8006  (x-2214)
Theodore Huskins,   Executive Secretary,  NNEC,  (207) 797-3760 (x- 217)  
Jose Joseph, VP, Haitian and African Ministries  (978) 368-8333  (x-  )  
Louisa Lacombe,  NEC  Health and wellness in Boston area  ( lay member )
Andy Lagredelle, GNYC, Pastor,  Lives Freeport, Long Island
Bledi Leno, GNYC, Multi-ethnic Ministries Director   (516) 627-9350  (x   )  
Tiffany Llewlyn, NEC  ( lay members ) Social worker in New York City
Jong Phil Lyn, GNYC  
Kenneth Manders,  President, Bermuda Conf   Office:  (441) 292-4110  also Pastors Warwick SDA Church  
Laura Mayne,  GNYC Principal of Brooklyn SDA School  (aka Laura Reid-Mayne)
Gladstone McLean, NEC, Elder of church in Hartford, Conn  (member Exec Comm since 2011)
Dionisio Olivo, VP Hispanic & Pourtugese Ministries  (978) 368-8333 (x-   )
Trevor Patton, GNYC  
Myrtle Pickett, NEC  - Bible Worker army  
Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes, NEC Family & Children's Min Dir.   (718) 291-8006 (x-2248)  
Hector Ramos, NEC, Hispanic Coordinator   (718) 291-8006  (x-2235)   
Delores M. Richardson,  NEC.  Certified Trainer for Children in Boston area
Alanzo Smith, new Exec Secretary, GNYC (Replaced Beras on Aug. 18, 2016)
Sheena Smith,  Bermuda, Stewardship Dir.  (Linkedin profile says she is Architect lives British Columbia, Canada)
Dwight Sommers, NNEC  ( lay member )  Lives Bowdoin, Maine
Glorimar Teixeira, SNEC   Master Guide Training Coordinator in New Haven, Conn.
W. DeJaun Tull,  Exec Secretary, Bermuda Conference   (441) 292-4110
Elias Zabala, Sr.   Treasuer,  Atlantic Union Conference,   LINKEDin

                                                                                                                        List above last updated:  Sept. 30, 2017

                                          List of Committee members published in AU Gleaner, August 2016 issue, page 5

                                  Members  of  Association  Board

G. Earl Knight, Chair Pierre Omeler, Secretary; Ebenezer Agboka, GNYC,Tres
Daniel Battin, NNEC Tres;  Edson Bovell, NEC Tres; Pricilla English, NYC Tres; 
Trevor Forbes, Union; Silas McKinney, AUCollege; Lester Primus, NEC;
Lloyd Scharffenberg, GNYC W. Aaron Spencer, Bermuda;  Joel Tompkins, Jr. SNEC Tres; 
              Elias Zabala, Union Treasurer


                                 Members of Constitution and ByLaws Committee

Pierre Omeler, Chair;   Eddly Benoit, GNYC; Lawrence Brown, NEC; Miguel Crespo, NYC;
David Deranmie, SNEC;   Kay Edwards, NEC;  Brian Holdipp, Bermuda; Donna Holland, NNEC;  
Hugh Langley, NYC;  Steven Loring, NNEC; Roberto Reyna, AUCollege; Lloyd Scharffenberg, GNYC;
W. DeJaun Tull, Bermuda; Don Winslow, SNEC    
Note:  There is a Dan Winslow listed on SNEC website


                                      Letter  Codes  used  in  above  lists

NYC -- New York Conference, Syracuse, NY    
    President:  Miguel Crespo  (elected July, 2016) 
    Executive Secretary:   vacant when Crespo moved up to replace Elias Zabala
NEC -- Northeastern Conference, Jamaica (Queens), NY   176 Churches
    President:  Daniel Honore replaced Trevor Baker  (June 2012)  
                                Admin Assistant (X-2114) Dawn Bridge-Levy    
    Exec. Secretary:  Oswald Euell replaced Larry Bailey ( June 2012 )
NNEC -- Northern New England Conference, near Portland. Maine 
    President:   Robert Condiff        
    Exec. Secretary:   Ted Huskins
    Treasurer:             Daniel Battin
SNEC -- Southern New England Conference, South Lancaster, MA 
     President:  David Dennis ( elected July 2013 )   
                               ( replaced Frank Tochterman )
     Exec. Secretary:   Whitford Shaw      
GNYC -- Greater New York Conference,  Manhasset, NY
      President:  Henry Beras    Replaced Earl Knight in July 2016  
                        He was Executive Secretary  ( elected June 1, 2014)   Replaced Gerson Santos
-- Bermuda Conference, Hamilton,  Bermuda
    President:   Kenneth Manders                          Office:  (441) 292-4110  
    Executive Secretary:    W. DeJaun Tull       List of Past Presidents


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