CHAPTER   22                   


         "S A Y I N G     A N D     D O I N G"                                       


     Chapter 22  (page 272 to 283):       Based  on  Matthew  21:  23 to 32       'Parable of the two sons'


                      POINTS  TO  REMEMBER  FROM  Chapter 22     “SAYING  AND  DOING”                                                       


   Matthew 7.21  “Not every one who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”




               Words are of no value unless they are accompanied with appropriate deeds. 

               Jesus’ authority was evidenced in His cleansing of the temple - Heaven’s authority flashing from his face the power he spoke with his healings


        The priests and elders wanted to destroy his influence and put him to death


       The answer “we can’t tell” was a lie.  They didn’t dare admit John the Baptist was a prophet: how would they deny his testimony Jesus was the Son of God?


      Parable of the two sons.     The father represents God, & the vineyard represents the church. the two sons represent two classes of people:

     The son who would not go represents:     people living in open transgression

      The son said he will go:      represents the character of the Pharisees  - their spirit did not lead to repentance

                                                 they refused obedience to God’s commandments - although they  professed obedience.  

                                           They had no fruits of repentance/righteousness


                  Matthew 23: 3     “Don’t do what they do: they say it but don’t do it”


            Self-righteousness is a fatal deception.  They professed to be God’s sons, but in life and character they denied the relationship.  Their will was not surrendered.


     People who are not diligent workers…who leave duties undone/words unspoken, have allowed Satan to control souls who might have been won for Christ.  We can’t be saved in indolence and inactivity.


       If we don’t co-operate with God here, we wouldn’t in heaven.  We’re not safe to save.


       When the Holy Spirit come to our heart, we need to instantly obey. 


       If we cherish a sin, our mind’s mold and our familiarity with evil make it tough to distinguish between right and wrong


       2 Peter 1: 2 - 7    Thru God’s promises we can gain the Divine nature


        God has a father’s claim to our faithful service.   He only serves who functions up to the highest standard of obedience.


        There are Two classes today:  those who violate God’s law, and those who obey it.  


       Another story in Bible where Jesus responds to confrontation by Jewish leaders with cunning.  John 7: 45 to 47

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