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           p r i n c i p l e s     O F    H E A V E N        (  2  RELATED  PHRASES )                      

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     The time has come when things are to be called by their right name.  Sin is sin. The Lord Jesus Christ calls upon the human agencies for whom he has given his life to come to him in humility and contrition. His blood will cleanse them from all sin and every glossed-over iniquity. Some eyes will be opened. But I no longer appeal privately as heretofore to the individuals who have been cautioned and warned, and yet, though disobeying, stand forth in their apparent power and dignity, and claim to be doing the will of heaven, when they are departing from the plain principles of heaven, as given in the Word of God. Could their eyes be opened, they would see that their feet are standing on the very brink of ruin. Let every soul bow himself under the weight of the truth of the law proclaimed from Sinai’s mount. { SpTB07 26.2 }  -  {SpTA12 4.1 } 


  The lover of self is a transgressor of the law. This Jesus desired to reveal to the young man, and He gave him a test that would make manifest the selfishness of his heart. He showed him the plague spot in his character. The young man desired no further enlightenment. He had cherished an idol in the soul; the world was his god. He professed to have kept the commandments, but he was destitute of the principle which is the very spirit and life of them all. He did not possess true love for God or man. This want was the want of everything that would qualify him to enter the kingdom of heaven. In his love of self and worldly gain he was out of harmony with the principles of heaven. { COL 392.1}  Read entire Chapter 28


  To the man who is a husband and a father, I would say, Be sure that a pure, holy atmosphere surrounds your soul.... You are to learn daily of Christ. Never, never are you to show a tyrannical spirit in the home. The man who does this is working in partnership with satanic agencies. Bring your will into submission to the will of God. Do all in your power to make the life of your wife pleasant and happy. Take the word of God as the man of your counsel. In the home live out the teachings of the word. Then you will live them out in the church and will take them with you to your place of business. The principles of heaven will ennoble all your transactions. Angels of God will cooperate with you, helping you to reveal Christ to the world. { AH 213.3} 


  The life on earth is the beginning of the life in heaven; education on earth is an initiation into the principles of heaven; the lifework here is a training for the lifework there. What we now are, in character and holy service is the sure foreshadowing of what we shall be. { AH 535.1} 


Principles of Heaven to Pervade — The principles of heaven are to be brought into the government of the home. Every child is to be taught to be polite, compassionate, loving, pitiful, courteous, tenderhearted. { CG 143.3} 
When all are members of the royal family, there will be true politeness in the home life. Each member of the family will seek to make it pleasant for every other member. { CG 143.4} 








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      p r i n c i p l e s     t h a t    g o v e r n    H E A V E N                           

        This  phrase  appears  xxx  times in the writings of EGW               

    Ezra became a mouthpiece for God, educating those about him in the principles that govern heaven. During the remaining years of his life, whether near the court of the king of Medo-Persia or at Jerusalem, his principal work was that of a teacher. As he communicated to others the truths he learned, his capacity for labor increased. He became a man of piety and zeal. He was the Lord’s witness to the world of the power of Bible truth to ennoble the daily life.  Prophets and Kings, page 609.2   Read entire chapter 50






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