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                              Source:   March 26, 1893  GCDB 515 par. 10

  "To learn what the image is like and how it is to be formed, we must study the characteristics of the beast itself--the papacy."  {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 515.11} 


  And we need to study this now, just as much as we ever have needed to study it, because not all the features of the image of the beast have as yet been developed. The image has not yet appeared before the world in all its features and in all its developments. Each step that is to be taken and all that is to be done from this time forward will be the appearance of successive features of the image, creating more and more the full likeness, the perfect likeness, in all its parts, of the original. Only the start has been taken now, but as we have found in our lessons here, the start which has been taken is such that no power on earth or anywhere else can stop it. It will go on and develop all that is in it, in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. It will go on, even against the wishes and many times contrary to the intentions of those who have started it.  {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 515.12} 


  Now just see how this thing has grown with us, how it has grown right before our eyes. Several years ago, when we first began real, direct, active work upon this particular phase, we established the American Sentinel. That is eight years ago now, I think. There was then only one organization in the country that was set to obtain this thing. In a little while that organization gathered to itself others and within a year or two it gathered four or five. Then the movement got beyond the management and really beyond the power of the original organization. Then the original organization itself dropped out of our minds entirely and this new mold was put upon it, this increased power that was given to it carried it beyond the original organization by those that were added to it. That was what our opposition was against then. It was this new form that we had to deal with. {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.1} 


Now the increased power that has been brought to it by these additional organizations, has carried itself and the whole movement to the place where the original organization intended it to go, so that now we have no more to deal with these organizations. We have nothing to do with them, particularly any more. Our contention is not against them or their work. We have now to deal with the government of the United States, and these things are, I was going to say, merely incidents, but they are less than that, because the government will take steps and will be forced to take steps that will be directly against the intentions and many times against the power of those who have done what has been done. And whereas our first work was against that first organization and as our second work was against the increased organization and the work that it was doing, now all those organizations are out of the way and we have now to deal with that which has been done by them. {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.2} 


  That is our position now. That is where we stand, and whether the American Sabbath Union does this, that or the other, it is nothing to us now, because steps will be taken and things will be done that the American Sabbath Union never did intelligently or conscientiously intend. Things will be done against the wishes and beyond the intent, the conscious intent, of the whole combination. Because they, even in their most radical intent, never intended anything but that they themselves should manage the government when they got it: but, behold, the Catholics will manage the government after these have got it. And that is where they will find themselves left in the fog. That is where they will find themselves at a disadvantage. And things will be done in spite of them that they never thought of when they were blinded by their own zeal to get power that did not belong to them, but they have nobody to blame but themselves. {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.3} 



Now Congress has adjourned, and the action which that Congress took is fastened upon the government without any remedy. Not only that, but an additional step was taken in that line in the very last days of the session. I have not found the full particulars of the outcome yet, but I know the facts and they are these: It was found that the inaugural ball that was to be held celebrating Cleveland's inauguration had to be held Saturday night. It was expected, of course, that they would dance over beyond twelve o'clock in the night. The Marine Band--the National Band of the United States--was employed. They were to furnish the music for the ball and were also to give concerts on Sunday following. The ministers of Washington city sent up a petition to Congress, and Senator Quay, of course, presented it. And here are the particulars that are reported on that: {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.4} 


Feb. 28, 1893. Mr. Quay presented in the Senate today a petition signed by the pastors of many of the Washington churches and others, on the subject of the proposed concert by the Marine Band in the Pension Office building next Sunday as a part of the inaugural ceremonies. {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.5} 


   I don't know how that was. This is the petition: {March 26, 1893 ATJ, GCDB 516.6}


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