Army of Satan

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   I have heard of the demonstration made at the baptism. This demonstration shows very clearly what spirit is working in the children of disobedience. There are in this world two armies, the army of Christ and the army of Satan. Satan’s army is opposed to truth and righteousness, and it is his spirit that is exercised against those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. God’s children are hated and despised by the synagogue of Satan. The spirit that works against them today is the same spirit that crucified Christ. 15LtMs, Lt 29, 1900, par. 1


  The words of Christ, “I am the resurrection, and the life” (John 11:25), were distinctly heard by the Roman guard. The whole army of Satan heard them. And we understand them when we hear. Christ had come to give His life a ransom for many. As the Good Shepherd, He had laid down His life for the sheep. It was the righteousness of God to maintain His law by inflicting the penalty. This was the only way in which the law could be maintained, and pronounced holy, and just, and good. It was the only way by which sin could be made to appear exceeding sinful, and the honor and majesty of divine authority be maintained. 1SM 301.3
  If none of these shall escape the apportionment of their guilt, what shall be the fate of those who, having been appointed pastors and masters of the spiritual interests of the people, place in their hands the firebrands of war instead of holding to their lips the cooling cup of peace. What would be the fate of an officer who in time of action, in the field, deliberately transferred his services to the enemy? Let the military code, under which they place themselves, decide. Retribution would be short, sharp, merciless, would it not? Pastors and ministers are officers in the army of peace,-the army of the Lord and of His Son Jesus Christ. The army of peace is ever in the field, and will be so long as the world lasts. What shall be said of those officers in God’s army who now, in time of action, desert to the army of Satan, and strive to carry all their gathered forces with them! PTUK October 8, 1896, page 643.1


  I carry a burden for the souls that are here. The question is, Am I helping with my means for individuals to be here to have their own way and carry out their own plans, that will help at last to swell the army of Satan? Or, am I using the means which God has made me steward of, that these youth may have an opportunity of hearing precious truth which is like jewels of gold and a mine of precious ore?  9LtMs, Ms 15, 1894, par. 15
  And this is the object which Satan seeks to accomplish. There is nothing that he desires more than to destroy confidence in God and in His word. Satan stands at the head of the great army of doubters, and he works to the utmost of his power to beguile souls into his ranks. It is becoming fashionable to doubt. There is a large class by whom the word of God is looked upon with distrust for the same reason as was its Author — because it reproves and condemns sin. Those who are unwilling to obey its requirements endeavor to overthrow its authority. They read the Bible, or listen to its teachings as presented from the sacred desk, merely to find fault with the Scriptures or with the sermon. Not a few become infidels in order to justify or excuse themselves in neglect of duty. Others adopt skeptical principles from pride and indolence. Too ease-loving to distinguish themselves by accomplishing anything worthy of honor, which requires effort and self-denial, they aim to secure a reputation for superior wisdom by criticizing the Bible. There is much which the finite mind, unenlightened by divine wisdom, is powerless to comprehend; and thus they find occasion to criticize. There are many who seem to feel that it is a virtue to stand on the side of unbelief, skepticism, and infidelity. But underneath an appearance of candor it will be found that such persons are actuated by self-confidence and pride. Many delight in finding something in the Scriptures to puzzle the minds of others. Some at first criticize and reason on the wrong side, from a mere love of controversy. They do not realize that they are thus entangling themselves in the snare of the fowler. But having openly expressed unbelief, they feel that they must maintain their position. Thus they unite with the ungodly and close to themselves the gates of Paradise. GC 526.1


               h i s    A r m y               (  REfers to Satan  )            

                  The  phrase  'his army'  appears  xx  times in the published writings of EGW          

   Here every specification is given us to show us that we must come out from the world, and how we must come out and be separate from the world, brethren and sisters, and let our influence be wholly on the Lord’s side. I feel that this is of eternal importance. Satan besets the pathway of every one of us. If he can get you to love yourselves, to indulge inclination, to compromise your faith, then you are his servants. You cannot afford this. You do not want your names enrolled as those enlisted in his army.  { 21MR 222.3 }   Read entire article




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