Acts of injustice

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  When these councils meet, a few words of formal prayer are offered; but the hearts of those present are not brought into harmony with God by earnest, importunate prayer, offered in living faith, in a humble and contrite spirit. If the trustees divorce themselves from the God of wisdom and power, they cannot preserve that high-souled integrity in dealing with their fellow men which God requires. Without divine wisdom, their own spirit will be woven into the decisions they make. If these men are not in communication with God, Satan will surely be one in their councils and will take advantage of their unconsecrated state.   Acts of injustice will be done, because God is not presiding. The Spirit of Christ must be an abiding, controlling power over the heart and mind.   Testimonies to the Church, vol. 5, p. 560 par. 1


All acts of injustice that tend to shorten life; the spirit of hatred and revenge, or the indulgence of any passion that leads to injurious acts toward others, or causes us even to wish them harm (for “whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer”); a selfish neglect of caring for the needy or suffering; all self-indulgence or unnecessary deprivation or excessive labor that tends to injure health—all these are, to a greater or less degree, violations of the sixth commandment. { PP 308.5} 


  Zacchaeus declared: “If I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.” You could at least have made efforts to correct your acts of injustice to your fellow men. You cannot make every case right, for some whom you have injured have gone into their graves, and the account stands registered against you. In these cases the best you can do is to bring a trespass offering to the altar of the Lord, and He will accept and pardon you. But where you can, you should make reparation to the wronged ones. { 5T 339.1}


All acts of injustice that tend to shorten life—the spirit of hatred and revenge, or indulging any passion that leads to injurious acts toward others (even to wish them harm, for “whoever hates his brother is a murderer”), a selfish neglect of caring for the needy, self-indulgence or overwork that tends to injure health—all these are, to a greater or less degree, violations of the sixth commandment. { BOE 149.2 } 


There should be a watchcare lest the busy activities of life, the accumulating business, should so engross the workers that it would lead them to neglect prayer when the strength it would give them is most needed. Here comes in all the evils, because they deprive their souls of the strength and wisdom of heaven which is waiting their demand upon it. We need that illumination which God alone can give, and we are unfitted to transact business unless we have this wisdom. There are a few words of prayer uttered at the commencement of the meetings, but the heart is not brought into sympathy and harmony with God by earnest, importunate prayer, offered by broken hearts and contrite spirits, in living faith. If they divorce themselves from the God of wisdom and power, they can not preserve that high integrity in dealing with their fellow men which God requires. Without divine wisdom, the objectionable traits of their characters will be woven into the decisions they make. And if these men are not in communication with God, Satan will just as surely be one in their councils, and take advantage of their unconsecrated state in their decisions. There will be acts of injustice because God is not presiding in their councils. The spirit of Christ must be an abiding, controlling power over the hearts and mind. In the world the God of traffic is the God of fraud. It must not be so with those who are dealing with God’s cause. The worldly principle and standard is not to be the standard of those who are connected with sacred things. { PC 369.2 } 


There is One who knows all things. While before my ministering brethren in this place, the Spirit of the Lord has rolled a burden upon me to speak decidedly plain things which I dared not withhold; at the same time a book was opened before me, and A.R. Henry’s name was standing at the head of long lists of acts of injustice to his fellowmen. I present this for you to consider. My heart is sick and sore, but I dare not withhold the warning. Another list recorded neglected opportunities,---occasions when you could and should have been a help and blessing to your fellowmen, but were the opposite because your personal feelings, the atmosphere that surrounded your soul, clouded your vision and you could not discern that justice and righteousness were to characterize the words that you spake, and everything traced by your pen. Your positions of trust in connection with the cause of God demanded this from your pen and your voice; but self, unsubdued, unsanctified, unholy, prevailed. You have not walked humbly before God. { 1888 1296.1 } 


These daring acts of injustice and cruelty could not pass unnoticed. The Jews made a formal complaint against Felix, and he was summoned to Rome to answer their charges. He well knew that his course of extortion and oppression had given them abundant ground for complaint, but he still hoped to conciliate them. Hence, though he had a sincere respect for Paul, he decided to gratify their malice by leaving him a prisoner. But all his efforts were in vain; though he escaped banishment or death, he was removed from office, and deprived of the greater part of his ill-gotten wealth. Drusilla, the partner of his guilt, afterward perished, with their only son, in the eruption of Vesuvius. His own days were ended in disgrace and obscurity. { LP 246.1 } 


                                                            a c t    of    i n j u s t i c e                                                                                         

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 "Here is opened before me a Thus saith the Lord, which I present before you.  God is to be feared for He is a jealous God.  Those who in his providence are placed in responsible positions to do his work have the whole heavenly universe opened before them, from which they may draw. I have been shown of God that His work has been greatly marred because the spirit and  attributes of Satan  have been allowed to have a controlling power.  Silence gives consent, and when men who are engaged in the sacred work of God allow their own likes and dislikes to prevail, so that they themselves do, or allow another to do, the least act of injustice to the brethren of Jesus Christ, it is registered as done to himself in the person of his followers. These men may not be erring, they may make mistakes; but let those in positions of trust take heed how they treat all such; let them remember that they themselves are not free from errors and mistakes.”  

1888, page 1298 par. 1    

  Man may be deceived by the outward appearance; but the Lord looketh upon the heart. Those who steal the livery of Heaven that they may allure souls to death, will as surely receive retributive justice as did Achan, Hophni, and Phinehas. Every man is sowing seed which will produce a harvest for him to reap by and by. We are all treasuring up stores for eternity. The righteous are laying up eternal riches; the wicked treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath. While acquiring property on earth, the sinner is by his transgression of God's law gathering for himself anguish and bitterness. He may be honored of men, but, saith the Lord, "Them that honor me, I will honor, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed." The record of every act of injustice, of cruelty, or licentiousness, is passing up to Heaven to be registered in the book of God's remembrance. Today the treasure of wrath is greater than it was yesterday; and tomorrow the sinner will add to the amount. Every soul whom his influence has helped to lead astray increases the treasure he has laid up, the vengeance of God, accumulating, deepening, darkening.  {ST, December 8, 1881 par. 15}


Here Christ identifies himself with suffering humanity, and plainly impresses upon us all, in his sermon, that indifference or injustice done to the least of his saints is done to him. Here is the Lord's side, and whoever will be on the Lord's side, let him come over with us. In the heavenly records Christ preserves, as done to himself, all acts of mercy and benevolence done for the unfortunate, the lame, the blind, the sick and the needy. On the other hand, a record will be written in the book against those who manifest the indifference of the priest and Levite for the unfortunate, and those who take any advantage of the misfortunes of others and increase their affliction in order to selfishly advantage themselves. God will surely repay every act of injustice, and every manifestation of careless indifference and neglect of the afflicted. Every one will finally be rewarded as his works have been.  {ST, August 3, 1876 par. 8}




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