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        w h o    g a v e   y o u    t h i s    a u t h o r i t y           

         The  phrase  'who gave you this authority'  appears  4  times in the published writings of EGW 

   The phrase appears twice in Special Testimonies - read all 6 paragraphs for context (key phrase in 3rd )       

      Is it not of the highest value to have the power to discern between righteousness and unrighteousness, between truth and error?  Would that every man who claims to be doing God service would now realize his responsibility, and maintain that sanctified dignity conferred upon us, by our being chosen as God’s representatives in this evil, selfish generation. { SpTB07 25.3 } - { SpTA12 3.1 }


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   # 2

   To all who serve the Lord in truth and holiness, the heavenly current of grace comes in rich profusion. This grace we are to impart to others. Ever are we to keep the standard uplifted higher and still higher. Do we realize what it means to carry out the principles of truth and righteousness, what it means to repudiate every sentiment leading to high-handed injustice in dealing with God’s servants? Men may mistakenly call these sentiments justice, but there is no justice in carrying out the purposes of the adversary. Does the Lord Jesus call upon us to perfect Christlike character, to be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect? What does this mean? It means keeping the heart and soul and mind and strength in conformity to the will of God. It means obeying the principles of righteousness in this life, keeping the commandments of God. { SpTB07 25.4 }  { SpTA12 3.2 } 

  # 3

    I am bidden to say to the church and to the whole world that unprincipled devising is being carried on. Robbery is being committed, and men say, I was given authority to do this thing. Who gave you this authority? and who urged you on in the course that for years you have been pursuing? — It was the father of rebellion, that the cause of God should stand before the world imposed upon and plundered by unprincipled, designing actions. { SpTB07 26.1 } - { SpTA12 3.3 } 

   Related Scripture:  Matthew 21: 23

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   # 4

   The time has come when things are to be called by their right name.  Sin is sin. The Lord Jesus Christ calls upon the human agencies for whom he has given his life to come to him in humility and contrition. His blood will cleanse them from all sin and every glossed-over iniquity. Some eyes will be opened. But I no longer appeal privately as heretofore to the individuals who have been cautioned and warned, and yet, though disobeying, stand forth in their apparent power and dignity, and claim to be doing the will of heaven, when they are departing from the plain principles of heaven, as given in the Word of God. Could their eyes be opened, they would see that their feet are standing on the very brink of ruin. Let every soul bow himself under the weight of the truth of the law proclaimed from Sinai’s mount. { SpTB07 26.2 }  -  {SpTA12 4.1 } 

  # 5

    Those who, when reproved by God, stop to reason in regard to the possible humiliation to result from confession and repentance, will never, never travel the narrow path or enter the strait gate. These words were spoken by the messenger of God. Every human agency, man, woman, and child, must be in that spiritual condition that will enable him fully and unreservedly to acknowledge the power and authority of the truth of the words of God, which all must eat and drink in order to have eternal life. The words of God are the bread of heaven. If we would be saved, we must make them a part of the daily life.  { SpTB07 26.3 }  -  { SpTA12 4.2 }


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   # 6

    Those who justify their course of action in going to law, and that with their brethren in the church, are acting out the spirit that developed the rebellion in heaven. God calls upon those who have light and are followers of Jesus to represent the perfect model upon which every character should be formed. But men have misrepresented God’s character by adopting in their life practice a course of action militating against the truth, while at the same time claiming to be loyal. Some are loyal to the enemy of righteousness, but not to the God of truth. { SpTB07 27.1 } -  { SpTA12 5.1 } 


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    Every power that has been exercised since the betrayal of Christ to force the consciences of men, every court that has taken upon itself to decide man’s destiny by its measurement of what constitutes religion, has revealed satanic attributes. Men have betrayed and persecuted God’s chosen ones. They have taken the life that God alone can give. They have done that which they will wish they had never done, when they are asked, Who gave you this authority? Who required this at your hands? Who authorized you to put God’s children to death?  { 12MR 413.3 } 


    In the temple they proceeded to question Him: “By what authority are You doing these things? And who gave You this authority?” Jesus met them with a question apparently relating to another subject, and He made His reply conditional on their answering this question: “The baptism of John — where was it from? From heaven or from men?” { Humble Hero, 274.1 }  (2009)

   See parable of Two Sons  -- COL Chapter 22     see COL 273.2

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    These are not the words of Sister White, but the words of the Lord, and His messenger has given them to me to give to you. God calls upon you to no longer work at cross purposes with Him. Much instruction was given in regard to men claiming to be Christian when they are revealing the attributes of Satan, counteracting in spirit, word, and action the advancement of truth, and are surely following the path where Satan is leading them. In their hardness of heart they have grasped authority which in no way belongs to them, and which they should not exercise. Saith the great Teacher, "I will overturn, overturn, overturn." Men say in Battle Creek, "The temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord are we"' but they are using common fire. Their hearts are not softened and subdued by the grace of God.   {13MR 222.2}

   See  Ezekiel 21: 27  

     At times, the Lord may seem to have forgotten the perils of his church, and the injury done to her by those who follow principles which he can not indorse. But God has not forgotten. Nothing in this world is so dear to the heart of God as his church. He marks every action of the members. It is not his will that worldly policy shall corrupt her record as a representative of heaven. Nothing so offends the heart of Christ as injury done those whom he died to save. His heart of love is grieved when the lame are turned out of the way by the crooked paths made by others. God does not leave his people to be overcome by Satan’s temptations. He will chastise those who misrepresent him. But he will be gracious to all who sincerely repent. Christ loves his church. He will give all needed help to those who call upon him for strength for the development of Christlike character.  { RH January 9, 1908, par. 7 }


  The unfaltering servants of God have usually suffered the bitterest persecution from false teachers of religion. But the true prophets will ever prefer reproach and even death rather than unfaithfulness to God. The Infinite eye is upon the instruments of divine reproof, and they bear a heavy responsibility. But God regards the injury done to them through misrepresentation, falsehood or abuse, the same as though it were done unto himself, and will punish accordingly. { ST February 12, 1880, par. 11 }


  “But if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican.” If he will not heed the voice of the church, if he refuses all the efforts made to reclaim him, upon the church rests the responsibility of separating him from fellowship. His name should then be stricken from the books. { GW 500.4} 


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